Educating Ignorance

It is times like these that I wish I had a best friend. It has been so long since calling anyone (other than my wife) my best friend, that I don’t even know if the memory that i have of that status is still valid. The world changes and people change, has the internet warpedContinue reading “Educating Ignorance”

Man… have “I” lost my way!

I fell off the wagon. I set aside the person I wanted to become and started to become the person that I used to want. I don’t know how it started or how long I have felt that way. It is so hard to explain. It is almost as if I put on one ofContinue reading “Man… have “I” lost my way!”

This isn’t working, time to pivot!

Any good business leader will know when it is time to pivot. There comes a time when the best thing to do for the success of your company is to change directions. A lot of people would resist this idea. Take Kodak for example. In 1996 Kodak introduced the Advantix Preview film and camera system.Continue reading “This isn’t working, time to pivot!”

Career or Dad: Which is harder? Part 3

So we left off at the lowest point in my life mentally. I have I ever had someone close die, I have gone through heartbreak as a teen, but never felt lost. This time I was lost. Everything that used to keep my mind distracted no longer held my attention. I do not know whatContinue reading “Career or Dad: Which is harder? Part 3”


Inspiration motivates me to get out the keyboard and start writing. Interruption ends that like a bandaid being pulled away from the skin. Every bit of me wants to keep going, but the grind of life pulls me away. I might not be a good writer at all and this might not go anywhere, butContinue reading “Motivations”

Career or Dad: Which is harder? Part 2

So I was talking about my Akron, OH job search. I did get turned down and told I was overqualified for some positions, however it was also probably because I was going for jobs that were not reflective of my skills established on my resume. I ended up getting a job at a doughnut shop.Continue reading “Career or Dad: Which is harder? Part 2”

Career or Dad: Which is harder?

I can’t believe that I have likes. I mean I originally started this assuming that the blog market was saturated and the chances of being read were slim to none. Well I was proved wrong on my first post. This is really best done assuming that no one reads it, this will keep me froContinue reading “Career or Dad: Which is harder?”

First Post

I decided it was time to start a journal. My self absorbed egotistical mind won’t let me just pull out a black and white book and put pen to paper. To me there is just no purpose to that. If you are going to write down your thoughts, shouldn’t you put them in a placeContinue reading “First Post”