Man… have “I” lost my way!

I fell off the wagon. I set aside the person I wanted to become and started to become the person that I used to want. I don’t know how it started or how long I have felt that way. It is so hard to explain. It is almost as if I put on one ofContinue reading “Man… have “I” lost my way!”

This isn’t working, time to pivot!

Any good business leader will know when it is time to pivot. There comes a time when the best thing to do for the success of your company is to change directions. A lot of people would resist this idea. Take Kodak for example. In 1996 Kodak introduced the Advantix Preview film and camera system.Continue reading “This isn’t working, time to pivot!”

Psychedelic Therapy: The best I can articulate.

In December of 2015, I was up for a promotion at work. The manger had left in June and since then I had taken lead on learning and productivity. When the interim manager would be on duty I was the one he went to for information. I was making positive changes in our department andContinue reading “Psychedelic Therapy: The best I can articulate.”

Pre Ayahuasca Retreat (An ancient ritual of healing using a DMT (Psychedelic) brew.)

Three years ago I watched “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.” I binged the entire thing in 2 days. I had never felt so dumb in my life. This started a obsession with learning. The universe, theoretical physics, history, biographies, psychology, philosophy, psychedelics, and more. I am no expert, but the first time I took LSD wasContinue reading “Pre Ayahuasca Retreat (An ancient ritual of healing using a DMT (Psychedelic) brew.)”

The blanket of despair

It comes with no warning. Changes your aspirations and limits your ability to perceive a positive future. The now is too painful, the only escape is to ruminate. Distracting the mind with thoughts of the past only fuels the desire to expire. Many times I have visioned my death, sometimes quick and other times slow.Continue reading “The blanket of despair”

Nonsensical rant on depression

If there is no self, as in there is no you, then who gets depressed? Where does depression come from if we are just meat sacks with memories and intentions. If my memories make up who I am and my interaction with another person makes up my personality, who gets depressed. One day I willContinue reading “Nonsensical rant on depression”

Career or Dad: Which is harder? Part 3

So we left off at the lowest point in my life mentally. I have I ever had someone close die, I have gone through heartbreak as a teen, but never felt lost. This time I was lost. Everything that used to keep my mind distracted no longer held my attention. I do not know whatContinue reading “Career or Dad: Which is harder? Part 3”


Inspiration motivates me to get out the keyboard and start writing. Interruption ends that like a bandaid being pulled away from the skin. Every bit of me wants to keep going, but the grind of life pulls me away. I might not be a good writer at all and this might not go anywhere, butContinue reading “Motivations”

Career or Dad: Which is harder?

I can’t believe that I have likes. I mean I originally started this assuming that the blog market was saturated and the chances of being read were slim to none. Well I was proved wrong on my first post. This is really best done assuming that no one reads it, this will keep me froContinue reading “Career or Dad: Which is harder?”