Educating Ignorance

It is times like these that I wish I had a best friend. It has been so long since calling anyone (other than my wife) my best friend, that I don’t even know if the memory that i have of that status is still valid. The world changes and people change, has the internet warpedContinue reading “Educating Ignorance”

Man… have “I” lost my way!

I fell off the wagon. I set aside the person I wanted to become and started to become the person that I used to want. I don’t know how it started or how long I have felt that way. It is so hard to explain. It is almost as if I put on one ofContinue reading “Man… have “I” lost my way!”

Neural Plasticity: Never tell yourself you can’t learn.

When I was young I never focused on school or learning. My home life was so chaotic that I spent most of my time trying to find attachments over knowledge. No one was interested in helping me expand my curiosity though knowledge. I remember getting a chemistry set and just mixing all the ingredients together.Continue reading “Neural Plasticity: Never tell yourself you can’t learn.”

This isn’t working, time to pivot!

Any good business leader will know when it is time to pivot. There comes a time when the best thing to do for the success of your company is to change directions. A lot of people would resist this idea. Take Kodak for example. In 1996 Kodak introduced the Advantix Preview film and camera system.Continue reading “This isn’t working, time to pivot!”

Are you awake?

Are you? Seems like a silly question on the surface, but I chose to dig deeper. For those that are a fan of the Matrix, I chose to take the red pill. Once you choose knowledge and understanding there is no going back. Decide for yourself now, do you want to understand what this reallyContinue reading “Are you awake?”

Investing and Emotions

I started investing money in the stock market in 2016. I really didn’t know what I was doing, just knew that my grandfather was living off what he called dividends. I found a web site called and thought it was appealing that i could pick several companies and pay one fee to own sharesContinue reading “Investing and Emotions”

Who do you want to be?

Are you happy? No seriously are you really happy? I am in no position to tell anyone that they are not happy, but from my experience there is a big difference between distracted happy and present happy. Drinking, Drugs, Games, TV, Social media, these things in my opinion bring on an artificial feeling of happiness.Continue reading “Who do you want to be?”

Don’t get too comfortable

A man lay alone, cold, hungry, tired, weak, lost… Through discomfort we find peace. Seneca knew very well the power of voluntary discomfort. When did we as a species gain this fascination with comfort. When the movie Wall-E came out I thought it was funny how the depicted future humans. Lazy, Fat, and Stupid. EvenContinue reading “Don’t get too comfortable”

Now, not later.

Why do you spend this moment preparing for the next? The only time in which we are alive is the moment called now. The Power of Now Journal Book by Eckhart Tolle explains this very well. Yesterday is only a memory, where is the proof that the memories you have happened the way you recall.Continue reading “Now, not later.”

Life is not a grind!

Wow, has life changed rapidly. Last time I recorded my thoughts I was centered on me and my own personal growth. The world going through a collective problem has really shifted my mindset from an ego centric reality. I decided to put my focus on my ultimate goal of creating a new model for employeeContinue reading “Life is not a grind!”